Education is a consummate journey of learning , unlearning ,discovery and self actualisation… & Gen-E is your ultimate wish-granting factory into the world of endless magic… a gateway into the magical journey of xyz that education and learning are all about. An answer to your question of why the Earth rotates around its axis or how the height of Mount Everest is measured. A daunting solution to all why’s & how’s that you have been hankering after for so long.  ... Gen-E is your lifelong friend that stays with you, helps you, and builds you up to achieve your potential by constantly helping you asses your worsts and bests your strengths and weaknesses and providing tailor-made solutions …… And the best part is you get to choose what you wish to learn from a reservoir of all encompassing courses taught using the most innovative techniques, life changing stories and logics that will cast a spell upon you and leave your inner queries quenched for a lifetime.  

We're your friends, your mentors, your solution. Gen-E is your one of a kind, immersive, experiential, invigorating and thoughtful community of learning, developed by a powerful team of enthusiastic & motivated Indian Youth brewing with innovation knowledge & creativity.  So when you Enter into the Magical Universe of Gen-E and become a part of a lifelong community of learning, experiencing and innovating we make sure you understand you’re the Alladin of your own kingdom and we, your magical partner “The Genie”.  ... Today’s world is significantly different from the past 20 centuries. We live in an extensive new age - the information age - where most complex calculations are not done by humans but by machines. We live in a highly competitive age, where hard work and intellect aren’t enough to excel. As a thumb rule, we are required to be staggeringly  proficient at a foreign language (English) / at effective communication skills (or something which includes importance of languages and communication), crackerjacks of  software technology and professional skills to stand-out. We live in a competitive age, where the education gained from schools and colleges is simply not enough to survive (focus is on survival whereas it should be on attaining excellence). We need to be the masters , wizards & ace cards of our lives . That’s the plain truth.

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A life coach, a motivational speaker, and most importantly an English expert -Mrs. Divya Khanna is someone who believes that each student is special beyond means and deserves to have a trailblazer who holds his hand, reads beneath the lines, and exudes out his ‘special element’ with marvellous ease.

Divya Khanna


Mr. Sundar is but a wizard of mathematics. He is a man who follows simple living and high order thinking while maintaining an unparalleled dedication towards his students. If anything, his record of producing top rankers speaks for itself.



Meet Mr. Aman Kharta- an introverted perfectionist. Aman is a keen maths enthusiast who shares, with Gen-E, his vision of erasing the so-called 'maths phobia' and all the myths associated with it.



Aditya Sen Gupta, commonly referred to as Adi by his students, is one of those few teachers who provide such striking parallelisms between the world and the topics covered in books; that learning is never short on fun.



A motivational speaker, an ideologist, and an economics expert, Ms. Mohita is a woman of vision. She aims at enabling the students to critique rationally and learn endlessly & envisions a perfect blend of marks and knowledge for her students



Ms. Pooja, our Chemistry Expert, believes that when one teaches two learn and thus, as an educator, she aims to construct lessons directly complementing the needs and the interests of her students.



Ms. Pratibha is our Mozart in disguise for the botany students. Following an ever-friendly approach, she is ready to pull all-nighters to assist her students' queries. Her forte lies in breaking down the concepts to complement the needs of students.



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